What Is A Twin Flame & How To Tell You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

what is twin flame and how to tell you have found your twin flame

Twin flame connection is a very strong connection and the reason that it’s so intense is that when you meet your twin flame, you are literally looking at yourself. Your twin flame is sort of the same fragment of your soul, so when you are looking at your twin flame when your twin flame manifests, you are in fact looking at yourself. When you meet your twin flame you will feel the deep transformation that is born from your inside outward. Many times this transformation is scary seeing yourself perfectly reflected in another.

The twin flame connection is the strongest mirror of yourself. Twin flames have the same interests, their attraction is not only physical or sexual, but there is also a lot of emotion, a lot of tenderness in every detail, in every look. That love transcends age, matter, race, distances. They complement each other in every way, they have many things in common, they accept each other, they respect each other, they make plans for the future, they love each other as they are. If there are discussions, they quickly seek to clarify their differences, with humility and generosity for one another, and their love grows more and more each day. They realize that although they have always been looking for each other, they now understand the reason for waiting, why the joy of living and why hearts did not close at the arrival of love. On the meeting of twin flames, they will enter into an exalted state of consciousness.

The sexual pleasure twins feel cannot in any way be compared to the old sexual friction energy, where the energy was mainly focused around the genitals; as Twins make love they experience the Cosmic Wave running through their whole body, which means, that the orgasm will be felt in the whole body, which is quite a wonderful feeling, they connect to the Higher Self of each other. In the physical love of twin flame, they bound into the oneness that they left behind once and searching for their souls in all past lives.

Twin flame runner and chasing

The twin flame relationship is quite intense and the most powerful among all the unions. One twin flame becomes a runner and doesn´t understand the attraction and the love between the two. There are mostly two kinds of fear in the relationship, the fear of losing the loved one and the fear of losing oneself. The chaser usually has the fear that is formerly mentioned, he wants to lose himself for love but doesn´t want to leave the lover, on the other hand, the runner becomes afraid of the love itself and fears that he will lose himself to the person he loves. He even leaves the person so that he can remain himself forever the twin flame relationship is just like a thread that drags you towards your twin.

The attraction of souls will never let them apart. When the time of separation comes the runner just runs away which is very hard for the chaser to understand. Chaser becomes sad and starts to chase the runner madly, however it is important for the chaser that runner needs time and true love will spark in his eyes when the right time will come. You need to stop chasing and give them some time alone. Twin flame runner awakening may take from months to years but they will come back. During separation time you are not the only one with the thoughts of your twin flame in their minds they are also thinking about you every day.

No matter what they do they don´t find peace in it. They don’t like to be with their friends, they disconnect even from their family. The only thought that reoccurs every day is how happy they felt with you. There is a possibility that they run away from you because they are unable to recognize you in the first place, this experience is preparing for the reunion. when the right time arrives they will start to feel the essence of twin flame relationship.

What is twin flame

The painful separation of twin flame

Losing your twin flame is one of the hardest things you will ever experience. When the twin flames separate, there are compelling spiritual reasons for this. It is never a failure, although it is painful. Separation is a process of spiritual growth and the evolution of the spiritual body. The connection is still maintained despite the fact that they may not talk to each other, although this is unlikely since even if they are in different countries or in other relationships if they know each other they keep talking. Both have different lives and what can happen is that we are being forced through the evolutionary process of the universe.

20 signs that you have found your twin flame

After separation of your soul universe will somehow unite you again. Here are some signs that you are in connection with your twin flame. To know you have found your twin flame read this useful guide.

#1 After the meeting, you had memories of other times and places with this person that are not part of this current life experience.

#2 It seems as if the thought is guessed, words are not necessary. That person knows how to give you a hug when he feels you need it, feel when he knows something bad is happening to you, comforts you love and understand you from the depths of the word.

#3 You had dreams or visions of this person and you feel that you had a relationship before you met her in this life.

#4 When you meet your twin flame and look into each other’s eyes, they get blocked: everyone is hypnotized, your whole becoming numb, your heart is beaten and your mind dissolves, just nothing, no thoughts, just stillness. You feel an inner emotion “Or” an inner stillness.

#5 They can talk about any subject without restriction. Have constructive discussions, as they respect their respective views. They have discovered that they share the same family and personal values. It helps you feel optimistic, safe and secure.

#6 You don´t feel like you have to force anything, things flow naturally with your twin flame.

#7 You might notice that when you’re feeling particularly low, disheartened or doubtful you’ll keep seeing numbers such as 333, 555, 7777 and 11:11 even more than “normal” – this is your guides working extra hard to keep you in faith and show you that you are safe and taken care of at all times.

#8 Your ability to communicate with each other goes beyond verbal communication. The connection between your souls is so strong that you can feel the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others.

#9 When separated from your twin flame. It hurts physically and mentally when you are not together.

#10 You are the mirror reflection of others in many ways. One may be highly sexual, the other not. However, this polarization when you evolve past your ego together creates an energy sensation of being complete.

#11 The whole world is amazed at their Divine relationship, none comes in the form of a union of twin flames, everyone loves the twin flames together, and this is how the entire universe is working behind the scenes through loved ones, twin flame, karmic relationships so that the two are coincidentally together. No one tries to separate this Divine relationship from the sacred twin flame.

#12 No matter how many times you break or separate, the forces seem to meet you again. You see everywhere the “signs” and reminders of this twin connection, which push you to find yourself.

#13 You will feel most fulfilled when you are around them, if you only feel like you are whole when you are with your partner, there is a good chance that it´s your twin flame.

#14 Feeling on some level that you know this person intimately even if you just met.

#15 Over time, you each adopt the radiant love and light and become individual radiant souls positivity affecting the world individually.

#16 The part that escaped the relationship finally “wakes up” and realizes its importance. His previous “cheating” moment was the result of a loss, illness or other personal catastrophes. He or she then accepts that there is no other person or priority more important than the partner.

#17 You learn together, with each passing day you spend with your twin flame you learn something completely and these lessons help you grow as a person and these things keep twin flames so magnetically attracted.

#18 With twin flames it’s very common to experience an increase in or onset of intuitive or psychic ability that you may never have had before such as telepathy hearing the person´s voice in your mind, feeling them with you as a presence even when you are not together.

#19 Your twin flame helps you confront your fears, they are inseparably in love partly because they help each other conquer their fears. They force each other to stare deep into the dark scary abyss of their own souls which drags many intense and painful emotions to the surface to be matured.

#20 When you think about the question “How do I know if I have found my twin flame?” This person’s face instantly comes to your mind.

Actually, when it comes to the twin flame, we only believe that we lose it but it is an illusion. In this plane, we can separate lives, situations, experiences, time … but it is only temporary. On other planes we are united and our souls know it. Therefore, although in appearance we may lose them, we will continue to choose our divine complement, again and again.

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