Top 8 Unmistakable Signs That A Taurus Likes You

Signs a Taurus likes you

Taurus is the second of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Ruled by the persistent and plodding Bull. Being Taurus can be difficult. Taurus is a stubborn sign, you can’t convince them of anything, you can’t change their mind, they really hate changes in life. They have a great capacity for work and concentration.

It is very difficult for them to adapt to the changes, objectives with great common and practical sense, they are very stubborn to defend their views and because of their stubbornness, they always get what they want,  which means that it is not an easy person to deal with. But it is also that much more than someone stubborn, which makes them earn many points when they are known more thoroughly.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty and love, making them romantic and supportive. They are patient people, they do not act on impulses, they never rush before events, they always plan, structure and work slowly, but with great constancy in order to achieve their goals. They have a calm temperament, but when they get angry they become violent and hurtful and it is difficult to calm them down, they can become spiteful and envious.

They like the good, the luxury, comfort and everything related to the material and therefore they invest a lot to have their luxuries, and this can lead them to neglect their spiritual progress. They are hard workers, especially when the reward is rooted in luxury, sensuality or something that invests in their future. They love to laugh and spend time with friends and family.

Taurus are very affectionate people if you are dating them they will not be able to keep their hands off of you. They want to see you often and spend more time with you. They are very sensual. Once in a relationship, the lucky lover of a Taurus will enjoy lots of sensuality and affection and will be showered with gifts and treats. Sex is always a big number for Taurus. This is an intensely sensual sign, a sign that relates to the world to a large extent through its five senses, that expresses its sexuality predominantly through physical contact, and for which love is based around the mutual sharing of carnal pleasures and irresistible earthly delights.

6 Things You Should Never Tell To a Taurus

signs a Taurus likes you

Whether you are Taurus or if you know someone, you will know that on many occasions you have to measure the words when we address them, since they are very noble and faithful, but they also usually take everything tremendously. Do you know with which celebrities you should bite your tongue if one day you find them? Do you want to learn what things you should never tell a Taurus? Here we tell you some important.

#1 Taurus are people who have specific tastes for food and drink. They always think that their choice is the right one and it is not easy for them to be advised by another person when it comes to food. Never ever mess with food in front of Taurus. And less blame him for eating so much.

#2 Taurus are independent people and do not need help unless they ask for it. So never tell them “Let me help you with that”.

#3 Taurus cannot conceive that you distrust him because they are quite straight. If you distrust them they will quickly move away from you. Never tell them, “I’m not sure if I can trust you”.

#4 Taurus usually shows their feelings at all times. If you tell them that they are being too possessive or cloying their reaction will be to never show their love again. You know if you take a chance. Although they are very noble, they can become blunt if you hurt their feelings.

#5 Never tell a Taurus that you are stingy, Taurus is not stingy, only they prefer to take care of their money and not waste it. It is more important for them to invest instead of buying things. Never expect to receive from Taurus a gift you don’t need. They always look for practicality and therefore leave very little for their tastes. For them, saving their money is no defect.

#6 People with this sign are jealous by nature, so if you notice that the person gets upset or borders you when they think you like another person, do not try to make them jealous on purpose or play with them, since all you can do is get them away from you because the Taurus always look for stability and security.

How To Tell If A Taurus Likes You

The influence of Venus, its ruling planet, which represents the ability to love, feelings and pleasure, makes it a very sensual sign. And that when Taurus feels something for someone, they can’t resist the temptation to live that feeling. If you want to find out about the person you are interested in, who was born with this horoscope, you will have to look at the following signs

#1 Taurus is a romantic and sensual sign, they will start giving you gifts in a romantic way. If you show the signs that you like them back then they will go ahead and ask you.

#2 Taurus loves smells and scents, which are really important to them. They really crave things that like feel, good smell, taste good. They will come closer if you smell good.

#3 Another way to know if a Taurus likes you, they will try to make changes in their routine to spend more time with you.

#4 Taurus are very detailed people so if they are interested in you, they will definitely invite you for dinner or for a coffee. They love to feed you and enjoy to give you comfort.

#5 Taurus is ruled by the neck front and back if they can find some way to get their hands near your throat, neck or your lips, that is the clear sign that this person likes you.

#6 They change their attitude when they are in love or when they are interested in someone. They are always seductive and charmingly dressed and groomed but when they want to conquer they strive for others and behave very attentive and affectionate.

#7 If you notice that that Taurus person with whom you had a beautiful friendship relationship is starting to call or send messages to your mobile phone with excuses that do not hold, then it means that your feelings are turning and you can soon expect a declaration of love.

#8 They also try to start a conversation with the person and stare at it. The brightness in their eyes is so intense that it dulls the lights of the place where they are and always smile for everything. They radiate happiness when they see that person appear and become nervous.


A Taurus is usually practical, determined and has great willpower. Taurus is a stable and conservative individual, and will loyally follow a leader they trust. They love peace and tranquility and are very respectful of laws and rules. They respect material values and avoid debts. They are a bit reluctant to change. They do not go through life looking to go from love to love but try to establish a solid relationship from the beginning. Starting a family and having a stable partner is what they ask of life.

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