The 12 Laws of Karma You Should Know & Live By

laws of karma

Karma itself is a Sanskrit word. Karma is a universal law of justice. Human beings, according to the law of justice, must pay for their bad actions. How you think you determine how you act and how you act determines the whole universe around and how the universe reacts to you, the consequences of your actions are also based on your identity nothing is without consequence, they say every action has a reaction.

The way we act has a certain outcome and consequence. If you do something bad to someone at some point the universe will do exactly the same back to you. Buddha says every action that you take in life has a certain consequence to it and bad actions have natural bad consequences and these bad consequences they don´t have to come from outside the worst of them come from inside.

The way you perceive experience understand anything that comes your way depends on the past memory that you have. Actually the concept of karma is complicated because people think that you did something bad or something good and the result will be the same but no one tried to go deep in detail. Karma is the resultant effect of your past intents and actions. Knowing about karma can be beneficial and will help influence the way you deal with others.

The 12 Laws of Karma

laws of karma
#1 As you sow so shall you reap.

Your thoughts, actions, and words eventually always yield their harvest. It may take time but it may return to you as love or happiness.  All the negative energy you sent to others will come back to you.

#2 Law of Creation.

Everything we want will come at some point if we participate in it. We are one with the universe inside and outside. Everything around us is part of our existence and we must ensure that this space becomes a suitable place for what we want.

#3 Law of Humility.

The law of humility states that what you refuse to accept will continue to happen. Don’t compare yourself to others thinking if you are happier or more miserable. That comparison is not going to make your life better or change.  If you lack something that others have. Go your own way and accept yourself and your circumstances without looking at others.

#4 Law of Growth: We grow despite the circumstances.

This law of karma tells us that No matter what circumstances you have or who you are, you must be calm and well because you are with yourself, and for that, you have to love yourself. You will spend the rest of your life with you and the only thing you have control over is yourself.

#5 Law of Responsibility: Our life is the result of our choices.

Every time something bad happens, there is something wrong with me. We are the reflection of what surrounds us and what surrounds us reflects us: we must assume responsibility for what is present in our lives.

#6 Law of Connection: Everything in the universe is connected to each other.

Our present is united with our future and our past. Each step leads to the next step, and this one to the next step and no step is more important than the other. Everything and everyone is connected in the past, present, and future.

#7 Concentration Law: it is impossible to pay attention to more than one task.

While your mind is crammed with too many thoughts and projects, you can never do any. Focus on the most important, keep your priorities in order and do one activity at a time.

#8 Law of Hospitality and giving.

This law says to us that if you believe in something in your life you will be asked to prove your faith in it. It underlines the importance of your actions reflecting your beliefs.  If you say that you are a true believer of a religion, then you have to prove it.

#9 Law of Change: History always repeats itself unless we do something to avoid it.

If we do not perform different actions to change our way of life, we will never be able to move forward and we will be stuck. If you want to get something positive in your life stop doing the same things in your life which doesn’t change anything.

#10 Law of the Here and Now: The most important thing is the present.

It is useless to “stir” things from the past or think about what might happen in the future because in both cases it is impossible to change anything. We can only change and improve our present. If you have something good to do right now, do it. Live the world today, here and now, at this very present moment.

#11 Law of Patience and Reward: Everything comes to the one who knows how to wait.

If we have patience and know that slow and steady our goal is going to be accomplished, it is not necessary to rush things. It only matters to have patience and perseverance to achieve any goal we set ourselves. The key is to work hard and don´t expect results immediately, you will reach your destination at the right time.

#12 Law of Importance and Inspiration: Everything is important and can be recovered

The true value of something is the consequence of our actions and how much or little we have invested there.

As you can see, karma is a way of guiding and encouraging us. This will make your life, as well as finding solutions for problems, easier. When bad things happen to us, we should not think of them as punishment or bad karma. It is an opportunity for us to learn the lesson and make the necessary changes to break the cycle. Try to get rid of your negative energy. Changing our karma is a gradual process and what we do today will change our future.

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