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It’s kind of mystery, a few years ago we really had no idea why we sleep? We sleep 1/3 of our life. Now in the last three to five years, we learned a little bit more. So we learned that during the sleep your brain actually washes all the toxins from your brain and that is why if there are sleep disturbances there is a lot of neurological problems like stroke dimension another thing but this is all things we have learned in last three or five years, we also know that your memory gets consolidated during the sleep but there has to be a lot more then just these two that we learned recently about why you sleep?

What is the stage of sleep?

What is Rem sleep?
Sleep paralysis
the stages of the dream

When you sleeping your brain is still very active and there are these four stages of sleep, stage 1 and 2 is like sleep stage 3 which is deep sleep and the 4th and most interesting part of sleep is Rem sleep, the eyes are joggling under your eyelids while you sleep that is generally the dream face of your sleep but if you look at how active your brain is pretty active from stage 1 to stage 2 sleep and in Rem sleep, it may be a little less active during stage 3 sleep.

How much sleep do we need and what happens if we don´t get it?

How much sleep do we need that`s the often question people ask? You need about seven to nine hours of sleep for every adult human being. What happens if you don’t sleep enough? We do know from studies that you are at high risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and now we know neurological diseases, psychiatric illnesses and also you are at high risk for obesity so it is very important critical that we get enough sleep because otherwise, you put yourself at risk for various kind of medical disorders.

How dreams affect our brains and health

Does everyone dream? What happens to us when we dream?

We have absolutely no idea why would someone dream but it has to bestow some biological advantage otherwise it would not happen. The other question we often get “does everyone dream” Yes everyone does dream, every single one of us has three to four dreams last night but we will not remember them and the reason for that is that we move out of REM`s sleep we forget our dreams, the other interesting thing happens when you dreaming is that your entire body your arms your legs are paralyzed, that is important because the new don`t act your dreams. That s fascinating by itself that every night every human being is being paralyzed three or four times and then you regain your power back as you get out of that and in the neuron pathway in the brain that causes it is totally different from everything we use normally.

Many people scared that they are paralyzed three-four times every night but that is absolutely and in a few people who are not paralyzed they have actually disorder in which they act out that dream so they can punch on walls hurts their spouses are sleeping with them, so this is sometimes happening to some people.

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