Leo and Leo Compatibility In Love

Born between July 23 and August 23, the zodiac sign belongs to the fire signs. Your planet, the sun, gives you generosity, goodness, and will. Leo is a person who has a lot of love to give, is generous with his family and friends. He is a hopeless romantic and he knows how to express his emotions. But it also has a dominant and authoritarian character. Certainly some, all these are good reasons to date Leo. leo and leo compatibility

This imposing sign is ruled by the sun. It represents the conscious self and self-knowledge. It has an emotional capacity and an ability to relate to others without equal. It is a sign that is known for its generosity and courage when loving others. It has a great idealism as well as the ease of filling those around them with enthusiasm.

Leo is a male sign that will be a leader in every episode of his life. He is passionate, energetic by nature and lives fully with a unique intensity. It has the ease of taking the initiative always and with a great libido that allows you to face any sexual act right away.

It will always look for stability so that the Leo and Leo compatibility at this point will be null. In addition, this sign has the predisposition to want everything, to fame and to the recognition of others. He has a great artistic ability and a great ability to control his emotions. What best represents Leo is his unconditional and untethered love, so he is an adventurer and loves fugues passions.

Leo’s passion

When the fire of two Leos meet, flares of passion may arise from the first moment, but both are so jealous and possessive that they will fight to be the center of attention. These two signs together can move mountains, since they have a great inner strength to face adversities. They will overcome any obstacle no matter how insurmountable it may seem to meet the person they love. They can quarrel, sulk, roar like two caged lions … but they will reconcile immediately since the rancor does not go with them. Infidelity does not scare them. The Leo woman feels admired and protected by her King, and it will be difficult for Leo to find another queen who can occupy his heart.

The best signs for a serious relationship with Leo

Like any good sign of fire, Leo has a clear tendency to intense and very passionate relationships, since it is part of his life to put everything in his life to get the best out of it. The signs of fire with each other are enhanced in an incredible way, so any sign that has this element inside will be a good match for the intrepid lion

Leo and Leo compatibility

Leo in love with Leo

This is a couple that has an immense flame. The meeting between these two lovers will be a dream. It will be a pure passion because they are voluptuous and fiery in the extreme that will adapt perfectly for both of you. Both will have a rather adventurous relationship full of excesses and that will not make them fall into the routine. These two lions will be the kings of the Greek novels if they don’t realize the great gadgets that this lifestyle has.

In love, Leo can love with an intensity and passion like no other but this will be dangerous for both. This sign always needs admiration and in this particular both expect their partner to admire their greatness. A mistake that will make them have the worst pitched battles.

Something that characterizes the Leo and Leo relationships is that they are full of fire. The fire burns to the four winds so it will be quite romantic. A couple loving hedonism and providing much pleasure to their partner. As you can see each one of these participants will be a victim and executioner in order to be considered. Sex can be a wonderful and sensual thing. Making love, the symbiosis is perfect, she flirts, seduces, turns on … and he accepts the challenge.

Ruling element

The mixture of Leo with Leo brings with it a great fire. They are a very fiery couple. They have great personal confidence that stimulates their individual development. It is a sign that because of its fire element, the center of attention is usually felt. They are an egocentric set that knows that their abilities overpass those of the rest. leo and leo compatibility

This couple is able to burn every place in which they operate. They want to express their love to the four winds because they are signs that because they are from the house of fire they are active. This couple will never get tired so they will always have something to do together. Not only do they do but they will move the masses as only a Leo knows how to do it and will do it through inspiration.

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