How To Tell If An Aquarius Likes You

It is normal that if you do not know anything about Aquarius the first question that comes to your mind is of the type: What is Aquarius like? Here we are going to explain those basic concepts that you should know about those born under the lucky sign of Aquarius.

The zodiac sign Aquarius begins on January 21 and ends on February 19, so if you were born between those two dates you can proudly say that you are of the Aquarius sign. Being an Aquarius means being a persevering person, very sociable, but above all altruistic. They are curious people, they are attracted to the different and mysterious. how to tell if an aquarius likes you

They have great instincts and are very inventive. They may be reluctant to get involved on a practical level of things, rejecting any subject they consider too “superficial”. Furthermore, their great sense of individuality can lead to a compulsive desire to do things their own way, different from how other people would. Therefore, although creative and innovative, they can be highly criticized by others and lead to controversy for their way of thinking and acting.

Aquarius, according to its element, is a zodiac sign that, along with Gemini and Libra, belongs to the air signs. As an air sign, like Gemini and Libra, they have the great mental agility. Gemini can assimilate many different ideas and have the ability to see things from the perspective of others. Libra strives to find the common denominator, linking different perspectives. And Aquarius has the ability to see things from a new and unconventional perspective.

Aquarius is a sign governed by Uranus, it is a sign of the air and of a fixed nature. They are sociable people and can establish stable ties with people from various social, ethnic, religious groups, etc. The natives of Aquarius have a broad and noble perspective on life where each individual is part of a large community, of which they feel they are part and which allows each individual to achieve much more, as part of a whole, than could achieve on its own.

Aquarius man

In the field of love, the Aquarius man does not like to feel harassed, he likes to communicate deeply with his partner but at the same time, he likes to conserve his personal space. It is not an excessively passionate sign, for this reason, you will look for your partner, apart from a lover, a great friend.

He is an outgoing and sociable person, he will always be surrounded by people and he is not interested in scenes of jealousy or possessive or absorbing people. The best thing a woman can do to lose an Aquarian is to harass him. To seduce him you have to set him free. The woman who meets an Aquarian will learn many things on an intellectual level and will greatly expand her social circle.

The sentimental relationship with a man of this sign will be varied, without falling into a routine, since it is a sign that needs to vary. Change your profile, dress in different ways and change the look continuously.

They live with the hope of a new and better future. They feel that he must participate in order for these dreams to come true; the reason why always it is found inventing, looking for new theories, fighting or armed revolutions, sometimes its vision is so idealistic that it gets to underestimate the force of the voracious and ambitious people. They have a universal curiosity and facility to assimilate information. They are called “the madmen” of the zodiac, since they are always going to break the rules, to find the new and different, everything that deviates from the established. They become very successful when they present their theories and inventions.

Aquarius woman

Aquarius women are serene and joyful, but they should not be placed in front of an unjust order or some hackneyed notion about existence, because they will not stand still, and will make everything turn upside down until that order is reversed. For these girls there are no limits to the personal effort: they believe that each person is there to put their grain of sand in this world and they put more than one.

They dress in a striking way and they wear extravagant and colorful shoes, as well as unusual haircuts and outlandish outfits. Their way of seeing life is so particular that they sometimes feel misunderstood, but nothing affects them to seek happiness. They are not afraid of changes and will never give up their freedom and independence.

It can be said that the aquarium woman has a great and broad vision of life, always with the aim of finding happiness and freedom. They have many values and very important such as helping others, solidarity and will be the most loyal friend you can have.

Their weakness is an intolerance to frustration because when they don’t get everything they want even if they try their best, their emotions become unbalanced, but they will succeed on their own. As much as it seems that they are very open to new ideas, it is a very stubborn and stubborn sign. Surprise the interlocutors with witty phrases, It is better not to argue with the woman of this sign because it will not change your point of view.

Aquarius in relationship and love

How to tell if an Aquarius likes you

Aquarius is one of those signs that make you fall in love. Their way of being and their way of understanding life make them one of the most interesting in the zodiac. However, or precisely for this reason, it is very difficult to understand their way of being in love. We would not be surprised if you had reached the zodiac trying to shed a little light on your love relationship with this sign. We tell you everything about Aquarius in love, the most spontaneous sign of the horoscope.

It is difficult to resist the charms of Aquarius because it is a zodiac sign that, at first, usually they make a very good impression. They are sociable and like to get along with people, which is why everyone is often very attracted to their open and friendly personality. how to tell if an aquarius likes you

They need to be offered security. Intimacy is not the strong point of this sign. Those belonging to this sign often feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. If their suitors make them feel safe, they will share their deepest secrets with them. They need their own space. A little distance will allow you to keep your sex life alive and the relationship is your lover even more intense. In love, Aquarius has a natural charm, loves sex and radiates sexual energy. They need security to feel loved, freedom in their relationship and everything will work wonderfully. On the sexual level, the Aquarius enjoy the variety. They do not plan but is surprised by the different circumstances of life.

Aquarius tends to be quite affectionate in bed, even with one night lovers. They like to have a sweet relationship with the person they sleep with because it excites them to feel a physical and mental connection at the same time. This does not mean that relationships with this sign are usually boring and leisurely, or at least not always.

How to tell if an Aquarius likes you

how to tell if an Aquarius likes you

If your goal is to know if Aquarius likes you, don’t expect to find the answer immediately. Aquarius has a reputation for being cold and distant in the love or sentimental field and often gives the impression of behaving like a friend, rather than a lover. Therefore, Aquarius cannot be expected to make great demonstrations of love or openly demonstrate his feelings.

1# Strange thing is that instead of talking to you directly they will probably talk to your friends about you but still watching you.

2# If a person under this zodiac sign really likes you he or she will approach you. Little by little they will teach you their true feelings, probably starting a friendship. As time goes by, they will tell you some of their personal secrets and will include you in their conversations making plans for you to do together.

3# They will introduce you to their circle of friends. Aquarius rules platonic relationships so they really need to have a wide circle of friends.

4# They will actually give you their time if they are getting into a deep conversation with you, it is a sign that they like you.

5# Aquarians have a lot of friends but if they are going to take a keen interest in learning more about your personality and history. It´s a good sign that they like you.

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