How To Develop A Positive Mindset & Let Go of Negativity

Our thoughts are continuously flowing, sometimes we think about the things that are not important, maybe they are important but not right now. Let’s say that tomorrow you are meeting an old friend after a long time and you are thinking about this right now. Yes, it’s important but not right now you are going to meet your friend tomorrow. It’s a waste of time and energy of thinking about tomorrow’s meeting. So you just calmly tell your mind that this meeting is tomorrow, not right now. It’s the same as when you ask someone for a favor and when they do this favor to you which means their minds listen to you.

Control your thoughts

If their minds listen to you it means that my mind will listen to me easily. If I have the power that other people’s mind listens to me so why will my mind not listen to me. We have been given instructions to other people, we have been taking instructions from other people but we have never been giving instructions to our mind. The first thing you have to do in order to improve your mind takes total control of your attention and notice where your thoughts are right now, are they supporting you or they are negative that is not advancing my life, just give attention of what is going on in the sense of thoughts.

Develop your mindset

Once you focus what you are thinking right now, if it’s negative you redirect it and then you think the positive things, you focus on that and repeat it to yourself. Force your brain to direct it to different possible and positive thoughts. By repeating this process every day soon you will be released from negative thoughts.

Clean your mind

All the people say that they are very clean, every day they clean themselves, their workplace and their houses. But when did you clean your mind? Many people even don’t know what is mind cleaning. Let me give you an example. What happens if you will not clean yourself or your house for a few days?  You will feel bad if somebody comes to your house and notice this bad smell and for you, it will take a long time to forget about this. There are a lot of things happen in our life, so many people have come and gone and so many things are stored in our minds for many years.

Now, imagine if we have accumulated all these things in our minds for years and years, there will be no place for happiness. We have too much dirt in our minds that we think that it is natural. Anger, irritation, jealousy, criticism, tension, fear, insecurity all this we created and we kept on creating over time and then we got so used to creating it and keeping it that now we have started saying that this is natural.

You have the power to be happy

If you keep obsessing about negative things your mind will be automatic a condition to bring up more and more often without your control. The thing is that we accept everyone as they are but if you will try to change everyone and everything, nothing will be changed but you will keep suffocated. Never try to change people, nobody wants to be changed as you want. And this is our big mistake that we think our happiness is depending on them if we change them.

Throughout the day our mind is dependent on someone else that they will come and change your mood. This is very easy to change your thoughts instead of changing other people around you. We need to discipline our minds to support us even when it comes up to automatic immediate thoughts. We want them to be positive and strong, something that leads us to healthy decisions of our life.

Some people in their daily life the whole day they spend at work under tension. The whole day the energy which they create and accumulate in their minds. And then in the evening, they come back with this negative energy to the house, all the thoughts, the vibrations come into the house and the family will consume this negative energy.

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