Dream Interpretations

Five Most Common Dreams

Dreams are a universal language

Have you been recognizing certain things you dream about? There are some common dreams in which the universe gives us a message about real life.

Five most common dreams

Lost in your dreams

Lost in dreams usually means you are unsure about your next step to take from your situation in your real life. People who dream about getting lost in a big city, in woods and can’t see to find the way out, this reflects the mental, physical, financial or emotional burdens being overwhelmed with the confusion they are experiencing in real life.

Missed  chance or opportunities

We often dream about missing our flight, train public transport where your dream about being late for some events, meeting or a job interview, in real life, these dreams may reflect the regret you have for not going after when you want it to whether that means not applying for your dream job or having fear of losing someone close.

Five most common dreams


Dreams about flying usually make you feel happy, relaxed and inspired and their meaning are pretty much the same, if you often flying in your dreams it means that you are ready to make changes in your life completely. There is darker meaning as well flying might show that you have some problem and you desperately want to fly above your problems. Either way, these dreams are telling you that something needs to be changed.


Falling in dreams is not that often but at least once in life, everyone has this dream. Its no surprise since we all relate to the meaning behind this dream “losing control” from here everything depends on the kind of dream, someone pushed you or did you just lose your balance? If somebody pushed you it means that you put too much pressure on yourself and the person who stressed you Is the cause of your stress. However, if you lost the balance the problems are definitely coming from you, you go through an unstable period in your life.

Being chased in dreams

Dreams are being chased are especially common among people who are suffering from depression and anxiety, psychologically says these dreams reflect that you are trying to avoid something in your real life so the next time you have this dream try to remember who is chasing you if it was total stranger it`s a sign that you are hiding from work or home-related problem if it was an animal you probably have a lot of suppressed anger within you you tend to bottle up your feeling instead of letting them out so your subconsciousness tries to do it while you are sleeping but if you are being chased by yourself it`s a strong signal that you are neglecting parts of your personality that need your attention all you have to do is spend some time alone figure out what`s wrong and balance it out.

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